There is a saying, 'Love is the most beautiful thing in the world that cannot be seen, nor touched, but is felt in the heart.'

I still remember the first time when he and I met at my girlfriend's flat.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when someone was knocking on the door and my girlfriend went to open it.

It was him standing with a big smile there, he came to see one of my girlfriend's flatmates.

We all sat down at the table and started chatting up. I must admit that I had a crush on him since that day.

It was like I ever met someone who was just a stranger, wanted to get to know more about the person and could not stop thinking about the person.

In the beginning, I thought it was only me who felt like that but he felt the same as well.

His charm, charisma, politeness and all the things really catch my heart.

How strange it is, that we both experience the feeling of excitement, passion, inspiration and much more together.

I think I have just found the person who gives me the miraculous moment of time, the sweetness of the world and the color of life.

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ѹҧšҴҧҡҷ駤龺ʺѺ֡ͧ ŧ çô աҡ´¡ѹ

ѹԴ ѹ龺Ѻ˹觫ͺǧҷȨ ҹͧš ѹͧԵѺѹ


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