UFO Why and How? Solving the Mystery

----(แปลข้อมูลจากกลุ่มเขากะลา เพื่อสื่อสารไปต่างประเทศครับ)
ท่านที่สนใจอ่านได้ที่เวปเขากะลา หรือเวปพลังจิตครับ
--All the answer from Kao Kala (Coconut Shell Moutain) Group
Nakorn Sawan Thailand.
Me Mr. Jesda Chandayot (B.Sc) Physics
Translate to you.

-----UFO Activists in Thailand are in the second state of contacting of 2 tribes from space mainly are :
1. From Lokutapakadigong wolrd
2. From Pluto
The total of 9 planets.
1. Train the UFO Ambassador---has finished Already. It's first time success in the world The reason that UFOs repeated to appear to USA and Erope for 50 years that is to get the world to be interested in and being get used to UFO's appearance . Convincing the world by the recognitions of UFO by hi-tech countries.
In the second state, We UFO people want to save the world from
Diaster, that we dont need any return from you.
We as known as bodiless soul or having bodies will do no harm to
mankind. And wee have install about 1,000 people in communication instrument. It is a massless machine install within the human's brain. It is in energy form. And tested already
We have special technology further than the knowledge of human.
We have science-technology and religion in the same subject.
We say no lies because we communicate in thought-forms
We specialised in another dimensions.
We have no secrets. Just you, Earthling did not pay much attention us.
--In the past, We hve many times that we save your Earth.
--Nostradamus is a soul we have sent him to change your world.

-- In preparation of the world's diaster, we as the committee
of 9 planets, have arranged some energy pattern that called "The System " The system will act like individual lesson , teached them how to SEE THROUGH this illusive word like many of Bhuddist monk have seen. Another pattern , they will SEE, RECIEVE DATA that is many more than your 4-dimensional world. Untill they understand more and more, As their soul have dedicated in ascending to save your world. First there is 60 person but will reach 5,000 persons all over the world.
--------From a family in rural Nakorn Sawan (Heaven City)Province. First, they recive our message. But now they have recieved
the FULL SYSTEM and we have technicians to adapt test and run the whole system like programming of the robots.
-------------------------i wiil translate everyday---------------------
Contct me as chandayot@yahoo.com

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