Teak Improvement in Java

Teak is the most important commercial tree species in Indonesia. There are 0.6 million ha of production plantations and most are based on seed from these production areas. Teak improvement work started in 1974, stimulated by earlier reports of genotypical races, based largely on wood and stem qualities and on some morphological characteristics. Provenance trials commenced in 1932 and observations drew conclusions such as: future exotic teak planting was not required since Java teak was as good as any exotic, although in windy or dry areas it was better to plant Malabar and Myanmar or Thailand teak. Of the exotics, Lao teak had best form and branching; best height was of Lao and Malabar teak; Lao, Malabar and Thailand teaks had the best girth growth. Further provenance trials are operational. Seed Production Areas cover 3,700 ha. Over 136 trees have been selected on the basis of height, DBH, volume, crown, straightness, pruning ability, branch diameter, branch angle, disease resistance, age, and wood characteristics. Teak is vegetatively propagated by grafting and tissue culture. As of 1995, 1,139 ha of clone banks and clonal seed orchards have been established. Progeny trials from open pollinated parents (189 families) showed significant differences in height and diameter at a very early age. Cardinal points in setting up tree breeding programmes are: that a real need is evident; objectives are clearly defined; results will be put into practice; the programme is carefully planned; the programme has adequate financing.    (  credit : Dr. Hendi Suhaendi )

MORE INFO. //web.catie.ac.cr/conferencia_teca/presentaciones/Sesion_6_2.pdf


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