The best Teak Forests in the World
Thesuccess of planting programes depends not only onthe site quality but also on the genetic quality of the planting materials.Although the growth and yield of the plantation can be largely improved throughsite selection, stem quality (i.e., straightness, persistence of stem axis, branching,flowering, etc.) is strongly controlled by genetic make-up (Keiding etal., 1986; kaosa-ard, 1993). The resultsof international teak provenance trials have clearly demonstrated the effect ofprovenance or seed source on growth, stem quality, early flowering habit andhealth performance (Keiding etal., 1986). Throughcorrect selection of provenance or seed source, growth and stem quality can beimproved (from the provenance means) as high as 23% and 17% respectively (Keiding etal., 1986). In manycases, the local provenances performed only as well as, or even poorer, thanthe exotic provenances. The use of improved seed (i.e., from seed productionareas, seed orchards and plus trees) is most essential in the improvement ofgrowth, stem quality and other characters of the plantation. It has beenestimated that by using such improved seed, the growth and/or volume productiongain of the plantation is increased (from base populations) by 5-25%, dependingon types of seed source and planting site (Wellendorf and Kaosa-ard, 1988).

CREDIT : Overview of problems in teak plantationestablishment - Dr. Apichart Kaosa-ard  //

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