Thaiteak and Elephant Logging in Thailand

Thai Teak


    Teak is one of Thailand’s most important natural resources, growing plentifully in the north and covering about 28% of the country’s total forest area or approximately 92,000 Teak grows well on the sandy loam of hilly terrain in dry and moist Upper Mixed Deciduous forest together with other hardwoods and bamboo. Teak is found between100-900 m. above sea level in areas with an average temperature of about 80 F and an average rainfall of 1,200 mm. per year. During the hot season, From February to April, teak gradually sheds its leaves until finally leaving the tree bare for a few months. Teak is a semi-hardwood of moderate size with light golden yellow tone and fine grain. It is an excellent timber for all around utility.


    In natural forest, teak takes 150 years to reach maturity. The Royal Forest Department assumes that the girth at maturity of this famous timber should be 213 cm. at breast height. But teak grown in plantation will take only 60 years to attain the same size thanks to the regular care lavished on it in the course of its shorter life span; such maintenance includes weeding, cleaning, thinning, pruning, Fertilization, fire protection, pest control measures, etc.


    The largest teak tree in the world was found in Uttaradit Province of northern Thailand. This particular tree is still standing and its essential measurements are to be marveled at: girth at breast height, 930 cm.; height, 40 meters (measure in 1964); age, approximately 1,050 years.


Teak Forestry in Thailand : Elephants with riders walking through jungle, rolling a teak log, working with logs in water, and dragging logs along mud road.





MORE INFORMATION : Teak Logging With Elephants In Siam 1925




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