Thai Teak Plantation and Forestry 2010
       Although teak has been ranked as a high priority species in many countries, its planting programme is still limited to a small or medium scale in many countries. Keogh (1994) notes the proportion of teak to overall plantation in the tropics fell sharply from 11 % in 1980 to 5 % in 1990. This is so especially where teak is grown as an exotic species. There are many factors limiting the success of teak plantation establishment. The three main factors are site quality, quality and quantity of planting materials, and silvicultural management.
CREDIT: Overview of problems in teak plantation establishment - Dr. Apichart Kaosa-ard
History of Teak Wood
Teak wood is also easy to work with, and it is resistant to decay. The main advantage of teak for the building of ships is its unique ability to prevent rust and corrosion when in contact with metal. These qualities make it a valuable resource. Even today, teak wood is used in the construction of ships and expensive yachts and boats.
Since the Middle Ages it has been used in ship building. Its durability and natural oils made it a perfect choice for the construction of ocean going vessels. Teak oil also creates a resistance to splitting and cracking and wards off termites and other insects.
Teak wood was admired for its beauty back in the 1800s in India. It was able to capture the romantic nature of the Victorian era making it a perfect complement to an English garden. The durable and versatile nature of teak wood make it well sought after throughout the world
When the ships were no longer sea worthy the ships decking was in such good condition that the teak wood was recycled and made into outdoor furniture. It is possible that the first outdoor teak benches were made of old ship decks. Teak wood is so durable and strong that there are century old teak park benches in England still in use today.

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