The Oldest and Biggest Teak Tree in Thailand
The Biggest and Oldest Teak Tree : In Uttaradit province, nearly 100 kilometres to the southeast, the world’s biggest teak tree towers up into the sky amidst a forest of its seedlings. ‘Towers’ is maybe an exaggeration because during a storm in 1977 its crown was torn off, reducing its height from 47 to 37 metres. But the trunk, with a circumference of ten metres, is truly impressive. It used to be adorned with colourful sashes to please its tutelary spirit, but recently conservationists have ‘protected’ the trunk with a wooden fence, while the veneration of the spirit is directed to a spirit house outside the elevated walkway around the fence. it is a living monument of about 1530 years old.
Second Giant Teak Tree, just 10 kilometres north of Si Satchanalai, I see a sign beside the road: BIGGEST TEAK TREE 720 METRES. Intriguing, another ‘biggest’! I follow a winding path uphill and between thickets of bamboo to find the lonely and little known giant. Although it is taller and less damaged than the one in Uttaradit, the circumference of the trunk indicates that she is not that old

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