Teak Forestry-Luxury Boats and Yachts Industry

Teak’s Early Commercial History


    Teak has been unobservably known to the Orient. Among various item of value imported to the United States from the Far East during its early trade, teakwood furniture has been one of the most priceless. And it was largely through teakwood pieces of handicraft that the Oriental art and culture became known to the western World.


    Teak was first introduced to Europe by the Dutch in the early part of 17th Century. Although it was then used very little in connection with decorative purposes, there are evidences of such uses in England. As Walter A. Dyer says in connection with Chippendale’s art:


While he (Chippendale) was largely influenced by French fashions, he was also influenced by the Old Gothic examples and by the Chinese. Trade with China was being carried to quite an extent, and many piece of (teak) furniture were included in the cargoes. The influence of these in Chippendale’s work is seen in delicate pieces in Chinese taste.


    Gradually throughout this period, teak was used more and more in cabinet making and other similar uses. At the beginning of 19th. Century, however, the general feeling toward teak changed. It was found to be a valuable timber for shipbuilding and carriage work.

Teak touches for boats around the world


Thai firm claim world leadership in supplying teak furniture for vessel ranging from yachts to tourist craft (Bangkok Post Aug 25, 2000)


    Mariner worldwide know that Thailand leads the world in supplying a particular product. Surprisingly, it’s not rice, rubber or tapioca, but ship fittings and furniture made of teak, an industry Thailand has dominated for almost 30 years.


    Elegantly craft furnishings made in Thailand decorate luxury yachts, speed boats, fishing boats and tourist vessels supplied by major ship-builders such as Cobalt Boats and Bay liner Boats in Scandinavia.


    Marine Woodwork Co, the country’s sole producer and distributor of the products, supplies a full range of items to order, including table stools, teak toilet accessories, bars, traditional maritime furniture, cabin fittings and accessories, hand rails, fishing rod holders and racks, windshield equipment and horns.


Ms. Supinda said that with it is long experience, the company had gained a 95% share of the global market. “Our products target a niche market in which prices are high, so we need to maintain high quality and precision,” she said. “It’s not easy for newcomers to penetrate this business as Marine Woodwork has almost 30 years’ experience.”


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