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พฤศจิกายน 2550
8 พฤศจิกายน 2550
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Cool things about England...

Feels great being around people who have no shame in giving out big fat bear hugs when you walk up and say hello to them.

My dad's socks....
Loads woolier and warmer than my cheap crappy cotton ones from BKK.

Being able to run up the road without sweating
It's nice to take a quick trip to the shop at the end of the road and not come back home dripping in sweat and in need of a shower.

Great to be abe to hear loads of my old tunes again, though now I'm starting to wonder why on earth I kept most of my old CD's. They've really dated...

Old Clothes
Not the clothes themselves, but, looking at them and wondering whatever posessed me to buy them in the first place. Am also wondering whether it will be OK to go down town in a big baggy bright orange and black striped jumper or not. I have tons of stuff in the loft that I will need to get rid of before I go back to Thailand. Should be fun sorting through it all.

Being able to buy normal deodrant
Being able to go to a shop, pick up deodrant and buy it, without having to scour the label to make sure that its not 'whitening' first.

Salt and Vinegar Crisps
Waaaaaay better than lays.

Sleeping in socks
Feels nice to wake up with warm feet.

Decent TV
It's great to watch a TV drama and actually understand the entire conversation.

Wooly hats
Feels nice to wear my big wooly pom pom hat again

Hot chocolate
OK the actucally hot chocolate itself tastes much, much nicer in the coffee shops around Thanon Phra Ahtit in BKK but.... hot chocolate and cold weather go together. There's nothing like walking into the house freezing cold and sipping on a nice fat creamy mug of hot choccy...

erm... I think thats it... back to being freezing cold, surprised by how miserable everyone looks. shocked at how epxeensive everything seems to be, and catching up with my family I guess...

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I 'll type in Thai for all comments I put
during Kerrie is outside Thailand.
By this way , you 'll not forget Thai and Thailand.

Memo : Siam Smile is smiling on face and inside.
: )

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Although this year has been mild.

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