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Work... or work avoidance...

N came over to pick up my books, travel mags and DVD's this morning. 3 more boxes of stuff gone. She seemed more than happy to keep hold of them for the next 3 months... She gets a couple of hours of John Cusack and Johnny Depp. Well worth storing some of the crappier films for...

3 boxes down but... there's still so much stuff that I need to go through. So much to work out whether to keep, give to friends or dump...

I'm feeling really lazy today. I'd hoped to go to the beach. Either to take the bus down to Phuket after class on Wednesday night or, if that fell through, take a quick trip to Prachuab. Two nights bumming around relaxing somewhere quiet, a quick holiday before the real 'backpacking' trip begins. I'd really hoped to be able to find the time to see the sea before I head off up north next week...

But... broken backpacks, unwashed laundry and friends offering to come by to pick up stuff kind of screwed my plans up a bit. Today, I know that I should be tidying my room, but my head is deaming of snorkelling in the sea, or chilling out, under a coconut tree, reading one of the few books I've yet to give away. It really doesn't want to work, or spend much longer staring at a pile of junk; Plastic shelves, mugs, shampoo, floor cleaner, English textbooks, and heaps of socks, Khao San T-Shirts, jeans and fisherman's pants and having to think about what to do with it all.

My blogs getting bigger. Give me real work, and my little brain finds anything and everything it can to avoid doing it. Why go through my things, it thinks, when it can happily moan and complain about the woman who repeatedly forgets to do my laundry, or the photocopying girl's steadfast refusal to finish my job instead. One thing that I've always been good at, is work avoidance. Verbal diarreaoh V real planning and thinking. The blog wins everytime...

There's another reason why I'm avoiding sorting through the rest of my things. Last night I took my posters down, dismanted my photo board and pulled all my postcards and photos off the wall. I thought that taking down the pictures, and making the room seem less 'personal' would motivate me to sort through my stuff as quickly as I could. But, it's not. It's done the opposite. It's making me reflect on the 2 and a bit years that I've lived here. The friends that have been and gone. The excess baggage.

With bare, empty, pale green walls, my room doesn't feel like 'mine' anymore. It's personality's disappeared. Sure, it's still full of my things, disorganised piles of stuff splattered across my bed and my floor. The sooner they are tidied, the sooner I can go out, and do fun stuff. Eat, see a movie, walk to Siriraj, Ta Phra Jan, or to the flower market, take my bike for a quick spin, or even take the boat down to Satorn or up to Non. All things I'd love to do one more time, before I leave BKK.

This time the contest changes somewhat...

Verbal Diarreaoh V real work (even with the bribe of a nice trip out at the end of it...)

'Fraid the blog wins... yet again

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Finaly, the bolg wins 555
Anyway, try to clean your room.

โดย: Oam IP: วันที่: 30 พฤศจิกายน 2550 เวลา:21:22:45 น.  

ermmm... the problem is that the blog ALWAYS wins, and, 12 hours since I crawled out of bed, the room's as messy as ever ....

โดย: K (kerrie ) วันที่: 30 พฤศจิกายน 2550 เวลา:21:35:14 น.  

เคอรี่ให้เพื่อนช่วยอ่านให้ฟังสิ หนาวไหมที่กรุงเทพ?

โดย: ตาพรานบุญ IP: วันที่: 30 พฤศจิกายน 2550 เวลา:21:50:47 น.  

sometimes... How are you ? How are things in Phuket ? I wanted to try and come back there this week but tooooo busy :(

โดย: K IP: วันที่: 30 พฤศจิกายน 2550 เวลา:22:39:53 น.  

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