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5 พฤษภาคม 2551
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Funny... I always thought that kissing people's supposed to make you want more from them... Maybe I just meet the wrong ones, but with Thai guys it seems to be the opposite.

I dunno why, but there's something about the way they touch you when they kiss you. It's as if they grope around to make themselves feel good, and turn themselves on rather than trying to do things that they think you might like.

There was a story in the news last week about how 70% of Thai women have never had an orgasm during sex. In the 3 and a bit years that I've lived here, I've never, ever slept with a Thai guy. Snogging, then trying to find a good excuse to escape are about the furtherest it ever goes... but since most of the ones I've ended up kissing seem to be pretty lousy at it, I not sure I'd really want what's supposed to come afterwards.

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I am none the wiser myself!

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