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James Bond Island

My dad booked the 3 of us on a trip to James Bond Island yesterday. It was a good tour. The boat did a round trip of Pang Nga bay and took in a few smaller islands and a muslim floating village, as well.

James Bond Island. You know the one ? I think most English people know of, or can picture it. It's one of the images the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) used to market the country as a tropical Paradise. It's a tiny island. A small strip of sand sandwiched inbetween 2 tall cliffs. You jump out of a long tail boat and in less that 2 minutes you've already walked the width of it. There's a small curving beach and, just a short way out into the sea, a huge limestone tower, shoots out of the water. It's awesomely beautiful.

The island's known as Jame's Bond Island because it was used in 'The Man With The Golden Gun,' a film I've yet to see. The film was made 30 or so years ago. The island, with its stunning limestone cliffs, must have been there for much, much longer.

'This is James Bond Island,' our guide told us, as its towering cliffs came into view.
'What's it called in Thai?' I asked, curious as to whether it would be a Malay sounding name (like Phuket) or a Thai one.
'Koh (island) Jame Bon' he replied...

I wish I'd never asked...

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