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สิงหาคม 2550
9 สิงหาคม 2550
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The earth moved ?

Last night, I was sitting downstairs in the coffee shop, playing scrabble with my friend B. Nothing odd. Typing mails, wingeing off on one about my friend A and getting hammered (at scrabble - have not drank for almost 2 weeks now...) as usual. Then the floor shook. Not a lot, just a tiny jitter but the two of us - B and I - definitely felt something. The sofa we were sitting on wobbled a bit, and so did the floor. For a few seconds there was a queasy feeling in my stomach too, the kind you get the moment you get off a fairground ride and have to stand on your own two feet again. I joked it was nothing, but as I went to sleep last night, I wondered whether there'd been an earthquake or not, as thats what it felt like.

I had a quick look on the net. There was no mention of it. We finished our game of scrabble, I finished complaining about my friend and, as it was now almost 1am, went to sleep.

This morning, getting ready to go to school, I heard on Channel 3 news that there was an earthquake in Indonesia. Quite a bit one by the sound of it. Was it the same one as B and I thought we felt ? I asked the guys who I work with whether they felt anything. No one did. They were all out with friends or asleep. Now I'm curious about whether anyone else in BKK felt it too...

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