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Futre ??? What Future... Part I

What to do, what to do... At some point am going to have to decide. And decisions are something I've never been any good at...

This is from a girl that did the same TEFL course as me, in BKK 3 years ago. I stayed here (a year long 'round the world' trip became 3 years in Pinklao) in love with what I thought Thailand was.

She, like most of the other students went on to teach elsewhere. She spent a year in Russia, and then went back home to take a 'normal' job and have a 'normal' life again. The kind of thing my parents wish I would do.

She doesn't MSN that much but, when she does, she's always curious about what I'm up to and where I want to 'go in life.' She always offers advice. I rarely take it. This time she suggested I move on, go to a big money place, Korea or Japan (though Japan's not a great place to be at the moment if the stories about Nova's staff are anything to go by) and make enough money to do the things I really want...

I don't think I could live in either place. I worked in Japan one time, and loved it. It was a frentic place but, there's a big, big difference between being somewhere for a week and comitting to staying there for a year. The culture gap is too wide. Sure I'l love the travel, the new experiences and the challenge of trying to say a few words in another new lanuage but, like Thailand, the chances of finding my place, and feeling that I'm somewhere that I fit in and love to be, are pretty slim...

But the comment she made, about how you should try do what you wnat in life has been ringing through my ears all morning. How many people really do what they want ? How many just stick with what they can ? and make the easy choice. And, does doing what you want (when its something that you're not that good at) really make you happier than doing what you can ?

Who knows....

Misty Bright พูดว่า:
Did you get my comment, though, about doing what you want to do and not telling yourself you can't?
Kerrie พูดว่า:
Kerrie พูดว่า:
i know what you mean... but much harder to do that than it sounds
Misty Bright พูดว่า:
I know.
Misty Bright พูดว่า:
But what is the alternative?
Kerrie พูดว่า:
What I would love to do - travel, teach and get better at writing. Bothe take money and talent... Am not good enough at writing to do it full time.. I just do it for fun.
Misty Bright พูดว่า:
But I guess you don't want to travel and teach well enough to go somewhere where you can earn good money because it would mean starting over with a new language and culture. Then why travel?
Kerrie พูดว่า:
erm.... yeah.. I guess you have a point

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