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I met my friend N after school today. I haven't seen her for weeks. We've both been really busy. I've been with my parents, she's been trying to organise her life and work out the details of her new job.

She drank coffee, I had a strawberry smoothie and we caught up. N's Thai but studied for her masters in England and speaks fluent English. I hardly ever try speaking Thai to her. I don't think of her as Thai. She's different from my Thai friends. She often thinks the same way that I do, has heard of 'The Office' and 'Eastenders' and even understands English sarcasm (things that few of the Americans who live in my building are able to do) so I tend to think of her as being an English girl rather than a Thai one.

We talked about a lot of things. She knows my friend A. I told her I hadn't seen him for weeks and told her the story. 'What did you say to him?' she asked. 'I want to talk to you about something...' I said.

It was true. At the time I was finding it hard to decide whether to stay in Thailand or whether, and when, to back home. A would have been a cool person to talk to about this. He's a good person to ask for advice as he just sits there and listens. Unlike most westerners he doesn't instantly tell you his opinion. Maybe its because he doesn't understand what I'm saying (and doesn't want to cut me off mid rant to tell me so...) Maybe it's because he's not interested enough to have an opinion... Maybe it's because I talk about a world thats totally alien to him and he doesn't know how to respond. All I know is I like the fact that he sits and listens, rather than opening his mouth and letting his opinions spew out, and, sometimes, when you're really not sure about something, thats exactly what you need. Someone to just sit there. It's almost like you're thinking aloud, but, should you need it, there's a friend you can ask for their opinion too.

'What the f**k are you doing that for?' 'Are you f**king stupid or something' 'Why would you want to go back to England. It's sh*t.' was what one western friend said when I told them the same story I'd hoped to tell A.

I told N the story. One day I and A were friends. The next day he was too busy to talk to me. Since then he's always been busy. Permenantly busy. She wondered what it was that I said to him.

I told her in Thai. 'มีเรื่องอยากคุย ' (me reuang yaak kooie) I have something I need to talk to you about.
N burst out laughing. I had no idea why.
Apparently it has another meaning.
It's what all the pathetic sqeaking girls in Thai soaps say when they're desperately trying to claw their way into the heart of the man of their dreams; it's what Thai teenagers say when they fancy a guy and aren't quite sure how to say so.

So without realising it, I unintentionally told one of my mates that I fancied the pants off him. One very quiet, shy friend who, even if he was English would probably freak out at the thought that the fat, opinonated, girl who normally drinks way to much and hassles him with inane rants about life, the universe and everything on MSN wanted to get into his kegs. He's Thai. Multiply the shyness by 10, and now, even I can understand why he ran away.

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