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Should I stay or should I go... The saga continues...

Took a sneaky break earlier and was reading this whilst writing my end of term exam papers for my kids.


Makes me realise that there's so much I will miss when I leave here... Most people who leave here have some regrets.

Talking to Mo yesterday night. She's off to Oman today. New job, new country, new life and all that... She reminded me that it took her 5 years to realise that she was ready to move on from Korea, and to find a job that she thought was right for her...

Sure, I shouldn't stay here if I really hate it, but do I really, really hate it here ? NOT AT ALL (though it will probably sound like that if you only read the rants on this blog.)

Most days I still love being here. It's just that, after being here a while, you start to look for more than excuses to travel or have fun. You start to want good friends, people who you can trust and confide in, you want to be able to find date-able guys, and you want to think about having a decent job with some kind of long term future. Thats when life stops being so free and easy and you start having serious doubts about whether this is really the place you want to be. It's hard to find any of these things here.

Her advice. Don't move unless you're sure you have something better to go to... What's better ??? a month or so bumming and blowing the rest of my money in Oz ? A new school ? A new part of the country ? A new country ? An office job at home ? Studying again... Who knows ????

Have spent the last couple of weeks reading everything and anything I can about teaching jobs in Asia, travelling around NZ and Oz and job and study opportunities at home. The more I read, the more confused and indecisive I become. Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing.

Next time some e-mails and asks where and when I'm off to next, I'll tell them that I'm still looking...

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Sometime , the only thing that we should read is inside . Because all are about us , while the books are about the others .
Because , we don't know what we really need , so we don't know how to decide for our life .
Always think positive on everything we faced,
Wherever we are, does not matter.

Cheer you up...

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