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กันยายน 2550
6 กันยายน 2550
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B's last day in BKK... for real this time...

My friend B will be somewhere near Japan at the minute, en-route to America. I complain about him all the time. He's selfish, arrogant and, a lot of the time, it seems like he only wants to talk to me when wants to winge about college, his ex or life in general.

But at the same time, he's the guy I play scrabble with, the guy I normally go to see English movies with, the guy I winge to when I have a bad day or a hard time comprehending the vague opinionated waffle that passes for logic, rules and policies at the school where I teach. He's the guy who makes fun of my crap Thai pronunciation, the guy I have no shame in contradicting and argueing with and the only foreign friend I have here who can be anywhere near as sarcastic as me.

I know he's only an MSN message away.. but, I'm really gonna miss him.

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I think , you meant Bank ??
Each has own way .
We met and miss .
Look carefully surround ., you might find some another good friend .

I wish you meet one soon . : )

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