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มกราคม 2551
2 มกราคม 2551
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New Year...

Yep - it's that time again. Time to make lots of failed promised to yourself and see how many days it takes for you to break them...

Here's my New Year's Resolutions for this year...

* Drink less beer

* Drink less coffee

* Try and stay in touch with people

* Try not to stay in touch with insensetive a*******s who can't even make the effort to click the green button on their phone and say hello when you call them.

* Accentuate the positive. Try not to get too down about stuff.

* Try and find a way to make my money last... The longer I spent here, the more I realise that I'm nowhere near ready to go back home yet.

* Smile, travel and have fun.

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Happy New Year, Kerrie Have a fantastic one.

I had a really good time in Thailand with a night in Chaingmai with friends and a night in Pai. I enjoyed the night train there and back Bkk-Chaingmai. Had some quality times with mum and dad and the rest of the family.

Now back to Brighton....miserable, grey, damp, cold, short days....Yuk! Can't wait to go back to Thailand.

You enjoy yourself, earn loadsamoney and take care.

โดย: Ta (ta/'o-o/' ) วันที่: 4 มกราคม 2551 เวลา:19:22:50 น.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope you have a great one too.

Sounds like you had a really cool trip over here. How was Pai? Did you think it had changed a lot since you last went there?

Did you need the tea bags in the end ? You can get mulberry green tea in Naan. It tastes great...

... earn loads of money 5555
am currently working as a volunteer teacher. A free bed, great food, and free kamon for new year but thats as far as it gets.... Thought its great to be in a small school, with cute kids and nice, friendly teachers. Willl be really sorry to leave here next week... But Issan, and another big adventure beckons...

Yeah - I don't envy you being back in Britain. Must be really grim there now. Was forecast to snow in Sheff a few days ago - though I don't know whether it did or not... At least when I go back, it should be March / April time. Hopefully the clock's will've gone forward and it'll be a bit warmer... Though the longer I'm here - the more I hate the idea of going back for good.

Christmas aside, have had a great month in Naan. Have met some great people, been to some amazing places, ate freat food and the idea of trading this for some sh*tty office job in England in a coupel of months time really doesn;t appeal...

The longer I am here

โดย: Kerrie IP: วันที่: 4 มกราคม 2551 เวลา:19:44:41 น.  

...woah.. dunno where the last bit disappeared to....

The longer I am here, the more I realise that I really don't feel ready to go home...

โดย: Kerrie IP: วันที่: 4 มกราคม 2551 เวลา:19:55:00 น.  

Pai town...Khao San Road up north....
Can't get to see anything properly....tons of people about. Words got around for good places and all thoses places were packed couldn't even see inside and couldn't be bother to try....
We stay in one of the 'Spa' resorts about 10kms 'aging' people do...nice place. Got to have a soak or two in the hot pool. The room fitted with spa water shower...nice...The best part was getting together with some university friends that I haven't seen in 20 years...spending the day together in Chiangmai that was truly lovely.

We did use the tea bags...didn't try the lipton ones this time although I saw some labeled...strong...Glad you founhd some nice tea...nothing's like a nice cuppa.

Re...going home for good...why fixed it that go home now..may be because the situation tells you that way...later on in life..the situation might tell you otherwise...I'd say be flexible, do what need to be done and be happy.

Live life happy everyday :)

โดย: Ta (ta/'o-o/' ) วันที่: 5 มกราคม 2551 เวลา:15:23:57 น.  

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