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AF - The last one ever...

Its almost over. Only 1 more Academy Fantastia left...

For anyone back home who's not heard me winge about this before, AF is a talent show thats taken Thailand by storm. At first it was like a carbon copy of Pop Idol, but as I've been here I've seen it evolve into its current format. Now its become a kind of cross between Pop Idol and Big Brother.

There's a live pop idol style singing and dancing contest on TV every Saturday night and one contestant gets voted off the show every week. At home it would usually be the worst singer but, here, the reasons why someone loses are impossible to fathom. Having a decent voice is no guarantee of sucess (as the current crop of contestants shows - almost everyone that was able to sing was voted off a long time ago.) Having a nice hairstyle, looking good, being able to dance, and having teeanage friends willing to amass huge mobile phone bills all seem to be much more important than having any kind of singing ability. The drunken old men in the karaoke bars that line Phra Pinklao have better voices than most of the contestants that are going to be competing in the final show.

When they're not warbling to their hearts content and strutting their stuff on stage, the contestants live in big brother style house. In between rehearsals, dancing lessons and improvised sing song sessions, you can seen them wandering around the house in their jim jams, asking such important questions such as 'Am I fat?' 'Hows my hair today' and wallowing in a sea of self compliments from their fellow contestants. There's now a special AF channel too. You can have the thrill of watching their every movement 24 hours a day.

So tonight's the last ever one... Until next month I guess, when season 5 probably starts and we go through the whole talent spotting shenannigans again.

I can't wait for next Saturday night. The lobby should go back to being nice and quiet and normal.... Saturday nights are supposed to be for football, not for glorified karaoke contests. Now, every Saturday gangs of giggling teenies sit in the lobby cheering, singing along and asking whether their friends think that the guys are handsome and the girls clothes and hairstyles cool or not. Wanting to watch football starts a channel war. It will be soooo good to know that its finally over.

But, since its the last one ever, that means tonight's probably going to be worse than ever. I've already overheard 2 groups of students planning to come and sit in the lobby and watch it. They'll definitely be more.

It's only 2pm here but people are gearing up for it already. There's around 20 people sat in the lobby. Most are surfing the net or doing their college work but a good 8 or so are watching the dress rehearsals on the special AF channel, and singing along. It's funny. The guys and girls in the lobby sound way better than the real wannabe 'stars' on TV.

One thing I can't understand is why one earth anyone would want to watch the dress rehearsal when they will see the real thing in 4 or 5 hours time.

But, at the moment, there's nothing much else on TV. Listening to a Thai girl wail her way through evanessance beats anything the other channels have to offer.

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