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Clerks II .. the sequel....

It's the same old losers...
and the same old story... though this time the convenience shop's gone, Randall and Dante have aged 10 years, and they're now working at a fast food restraunt.

Dante is trying to grow up, and do what's expected of him... move on from his slacker days. It's his last day at work and he's preparing to move to Florida, to start a new life with his fiance.

Randal wants nothing of the sort. He's as obnoxious as ever, determined not to 'grow up', and out to insult and offend everyone he can.

I'm not going to say anymore as I don't wnat to give the plot away. It roughly follows the idea of the first movie, a day in a conventional job that turns out to be anything but conventional.

The movie's a must for anyone who liked the first one (and like me wondered how on earth a sequel could ever be as sharp or as funny) or 'Chasing Amy','Jay and Silent Bob...' or any of Kevin Smith's other movies.

It's blindingly funny. I saw it at House (RCA), and laughed all the way back to Pinklao.

Catch it while you can. As it's only on at House (RCA), it's probably not going to stick around for that long. If you can't go to see it, but want a laugh, some of the best lines are here.

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It is good to know that you have a time of " laughed all the way back to Pinklao."

When I read the messages written by someone happy , I feel like each word are also a bit smile.

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