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7 พฤศจิกายน 2550
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My plane landed in Manchester about 6.30 this morning. It was cold. Very cold. Freezing cold.

My dad met me at the airport. He was wearing his work clothes and a big thick, grey fleece. I was envious. My supposedly thick purple karrimor one did nothing to keep out the cold.

My dad normally knows the way home. The airport run is an easy hour or so's drive from the outskirts of Sheff. But, showing off, and wanting to avoid the early morning rush hour traffic, he showed me his brand new, handheld GPS.

It's really cool. You get it to calculate your position, say that you want to 'go home' and it does all the rest. I was playing with it for a while. Suddenly I realised that we were heading towards Hazel Grove (Stockport, near Manchester) instead of out towards the Peaks, and the main 'A' road back to Sheffield. My dad, for all his pride had set it to take us back to the airpot, and was following it blindly. I pcked it up, and pointed this out to him. "You've broken it" he said.

I think I've just broken his computer too. Or at least thats what he'll probably say when he tries typing in word and loads of Thai characters suddenly appear. I've just installed Thai language support on his PC, so that I can try and read a couple of mails from my friends. I know that one day, dad'll use Word or Excel and accidently presses the key next to the number '1.' The 'broken' computer will be all my fault.

Not had chance to see any of my friends yet.. too busy listening to my mum and our neighbours... My mum seems to want to tell the whole world that I'm home, so loads of her friends have stopped by the house and said things like "Bet it feels really good to be back home..." Really want to say "Erm.. No, not really. I 'm tired, freezing cold, and my mum keeps inviting all these people that I haven't seen for years into my house and making me talk to them...." but I can't. It would be very rude to say that.

I'm finding it very, very hard to be polite and smiley to them all... I've had next to no sleep for 38 hours and am now feeling totally exhausted. But, I think I can now do a Thai smile (smiling on the outside, feeling very lousy inside...) OK, as people keep telling me that I look really happy when, inside I feel anything but...

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