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26 มีนาคม 2550
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Should I stay....

mmmm.... its that time of year again... am getting the usual round of e-mails from parents and friends back in England who ask when, if ever am I gonna come home again....
My 3 weeks holiday's almost over and I keep thinking to myself '1 more year??? ' am I sure I wanna be here another year ????
sometimes I do... theres so many things that I love about Thailand. The people, food, scenery, cute sounding language, and the laid back way of life. Am back in BKK after 3 weeks 'up north' and the scenery (despite the smog) was incredible... tiny roads snaking their way over seas of mountains... I'd never see something like that in England....

BUT the other things... the friends who disappear for weeks on end the minute you've helped them finish their English assignment and mysteriously re-appear when they need to borrow something or the moment their teacher sets them a new one, the increasingly f*ked up political situation, the fake smiles, lies and bullshit which get covered up with more fake smiles and more lies and bullshit...
thats kind of harder for a farang to deal with everyday...

so another year ????? am really not sure.. . Theres another month before school starts... I think I'll reply to those e-mails later....

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Maybe they just really need ur help
besides there r still many interesting things left here
ignore those fake friends
and enjoy or explore something else
nice to meet you....Good luck ja

โดย: clown_in_crown วันที่: 26 มีนาคม 2550 เวลา:14:41:56 น.  

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