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17 กันยายน 2550
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Overheard on my way to school this morning...

Big news here is the plane crash in Phuket. The plane crash landed and broke in 2. 88 people dead so far. Its horrific.

I'm not sure whats more shocking, the crash itself or the way that its being covered by the Thai media. In England, you rarely see dead bodies on TV. It's seen as being out of taste, and disrespectful to the dead and injured. Channel 3 this morning had close up shots of the smouldering fuselage and people hauling charred bodies out of the wreckage.

Imagine your family had been injured, or worse had died in the accident. How would you feel seeing their bloodied bodies on TV? Isn't it odd that cigarettes and semi-naked bodies are censored, by being blurred, but injured victims are almost always shown in the full, horrific glory.

I watched about 10 minute of the channel 3 news. I was still a bit upset by what I'd seen. I walked down to the corner of my street and, as I waited for my bike to school, I heard this...

“It could have been worse... At least the dead are mostly farangs”

I was even more shocked. Do people here really think like this? Then, about 10 minutes ago, I saw a similar story in one of the blogs on the nation website. Apparently some do.

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