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A couple of friends from home e-mailed me photos of their babies this weekend. One took his little girl to her first footie game, and she looked very cute decked out in her miniature green and white hooped Celtic shirt. Another sent me some of her new son, playing with her eldest daughter. A, the older one is almost 4 now. She's tall, with long blond hair and a wickedly sweet smile. She looked adorable.

I also saw a couple of babies for real. K and N, 2 friends from my old work had a baby in May. Nong New, as they call her is now almost 3 months old. She's angelic. I also met up with one of the cleaners from my old work. Her baby Jane was born in November. She's great. She always giggles or smiles and has big puffy cheeks.

I dunno why but I love Thai babies. They're normally cute and seem much more well behaved than English ones. I rarely see them cry or throw tantrums. Unfortunately its not recriprocated. Most Thai babies freak out when they see my white skin. They're กลัวฝรั่ง (scared of the foreigner) as they say in Thai

The first time, my friend A's eldest (now almost 3) met me, he screamed and cried at the sight of me, and clung to his fathers leg for about 10 minutes. Pim, the daughter of one of the cleaners from my old work used to run away and duck under the table, shouting - แม่ ฝรั่งมาแล้ว - 'mother the foriegner's here' as loudly as she could whenever I entered or left the building.

Jane, the cleaner's daughter used to be OK but she's 6 months old now. Her eyes can tell the difference between Thai and white coloured skin and she really doesn't want to be near the white person.

Most of the time Thai babies are really cute. New's totally gorgeous. Her father's hairlip didn't get passed onto her. She had her hair shaved a few weeks ago, and it's ony just started growing back. Its thin and wispy and compliments her chubby cheeks.

The strange things is, you can't say that here. In Thailand it's not good to talk about how beautiful a baby is.

The first time I went to see a newborn baby (my friend S's son) in hospital, I was gobsmacked. She was beautiful, but I'd already been warned that it wasn't good to say nice things about her. Unsure of what to say (as the only English conversations that I could think of to do with babies, were about how gorgeous they are), I sat there in silence staring at her. I felt such an idiot.

Thai tradition is that you say a baby is ugly. You say how horrible its face looks. Its strange to hear yourself saying this when you're looking at their big wide eyes, and their tiny little fingers and toes and thinking the total opposite.

In contrast, some friends at home have really ugly babies. One has a snubby nose that look like its face was puched into a wall a few minutes before it was born. Another has a strange looking head. But, to admit this would be very rude. At home, when you look at an ugly baby you have to talk about how beautiful and cute it is.

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