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No Blog yesterday...

... well there was kind of a blog but since my net connection died just as I was about to post it, I gave up. If the file's still on my laptop when I get home later, will post it up.

Yesterday was a typical Tuesday. Went to school, taught, ate, taught again and came home, "same, same" as they say here. "Same sh*t, different day" as we say back home.

So far this mornings been pretty busy. There's a special promotion on at school today. The children play games and win free sweets, milk drinks and books. So, I had the joy of teaching 20 sugared up Prathom 3 students earlier. They were a bit crazy. There was no way I was going to be able to calm down, so we played the 'what hurts?' game for the 1st 10 minutes or so.

The kids love it, especially the boys who see a card that says 'ear' and dive onto the floor Maradonna style, and roll around clutching their ear. They find the vocab fairly easy (as we've just spend the last 2 weeks doing hospitals and body parts) so even the weaker kids can score points.

My P4 class wasn't so cool though. 16 moody, impatient students, waiting for their sugar fix. I'm glad its almost the end of term. I'm starting to run out of ideas about what to do with them. They're at a funny age. One day they want to play Simon Says and do roleplays and songs or action games, the next day songs and actions are boring. They want to be 'grown up', but without doing grown up things, like sitting still, settling down and reading or writing. There's only 6 more lessons left, so hopefully the break will B and I (the 2 P4 teachers) time to think about newer, more interesting ways to present things next term.

I'm going to learn how to save my money tonight. It should be fun. Only problem. The seminar's all in Thai. I'm hoping the students in my English class will be able to translate for me, as listening to 2 hours of Thai is going to be really hard.

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