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11 พฤศจิกายน 2550
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What do you do nowadays...

Yesterday, wandering through the park with my friend J and his daughter. Watching her kicking her way through the autumn leaves, and catching up up with him. His life's changed a lot in the last 2 years. He's brought, and renovated a flat with his gf, and now has a 1 year old girl too.

He's teasing me for having no idea about most of the cool programs on TV nowadays. I've never heard of the panel game QI, apparently one of the best things on the box at the moment.

Back in Tony's house later on. Trying to get the goss. on his 'hot date' which I guess, can't have been that hot since, he came in, sober-ish around midnight, and was all on his own.

I was trying to copy a couple of his DVD's. New movies I'd heard of, wanted but, somehow or other, never found time to see at the cinema. A couple of flicks I'd seen on the plane too, and wanted to see again. A couple of English classics, that never made the 3.99 bins in Virgin and HMV. 'Human Traffic' and 'This Year's Love.'

He's surprised that I've never heard of half the ones he's recommending. I only knew about 'American Gangster' because I'd watched Russell Crowe being interviewed on daytime TV a couple of days before. My Nan and I were drooling as he answered each question.

Tone and I had the same conversation as John and I had earlier in the day.

'So what you do you nowadays?'
' I duuno.'
'You must do something'
' Yeah, I guess so.'

'You're not into TV, you never watch movies (well I like buying them, or copying them from friends but I never seem to find time you watch them...), you're not into music anymore, you're not into taking pictures. You don't go to gigs. What do you do when you get home from work ?'

'erm... I dunno... '

So what do I do in BKK. I really don't know. I think I have this amazing ability to make time disappear. I do nothing but, never have time to go out or see friends. I'm always too busy but, busy doing what ??? I really don't know.

One evening a week I teach English. Another I try and learn Thai. But what about the rest ? Normally I get home from work, take a shower and check mail. I go out to walk around, get something to eat. I like to chat to friends (I'm trying to learn thai so normally inflict my crappy pronunciation on anyone unfortunate enough to have to listen.) Then, another evening of doing nothing much is already over and it's time to sleep.

In London I used to go out all the time. Going out, to have a quick beer, meet a friend for dinner or see a movie on the way home from work is part of the lifestyle there. I used to stagger home around 11pm, mutter a drunken hello to my housemate, have a nightcap, listen to him talk about his day, or practise his guitar, then go to sleep, usually (as he was quick to remind me on Saturday night) on the living room sofa rather than in my bed.

I used to know the cool films, bands, and TV programs. You couldn't help but know them. They were the things everyone talked about. Music and movies were a big part of my life.

In Bangkok, nowadays, I rarely go out drinking late. I have no idea who or what is cool. For a start, its rarely English. If it isn't Thai 'dek naew' stuff then its Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

I still like going to the movies, and listening to cool tunes, but my taste in music and movies doesn't define me, the way it used to in London. My friends found it wierd that there was so much stuff I'd not heard of. Sure, I'd heard of Lost. Sure, you can buy it in Bangkok. Why hadn;t I watched it ? i dunno. I'd just never gotten round to it.

Thanks to John I now have a list of comedies and TV shows that I should try and see at least once before I go back. Flight of the condors, the mighty boosch, QI, the new look 'never mind the buzzcocks' are some of the names that I can remember.

Thanks to Tony I now have a list of must see movies and an i-pod's worth of new music, that I've totally missed out on.

I came back to Sheff. I should have rushed to see and hear them. But I didn't at all. I'll probably take them back to BKK with me, and, if I find time to get round to it, watch, and listen to them there. I guess I should feel like I've missed out on a lot. I've no idea what's happening in Eastenders or Coro. The only thing English I still have a clue about is probably the Premiership.

The odd thing is, I don't feel like I've missed out at all.

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