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สิงหาคม 2550
16 สิงหาคม 2550
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So far today...
- Bene e-mailed.
- Parents e-mailed. They are coming to BKK at the end of next month.
- Got free cream cake at school (as one of my P5 kids turned 11 today.)
- Had my P3 kids fighting each other to give me hi 5's.
- Got some money - as my new ATM card has finally been unblocked.
- Managed to do my Thai homework all on my own.
- B came back from Naan.
- Saw my friend Noon for the first time in weeks.
- Went to see a movie.
- Went to see a good movie (doesn't happen very often...)
- Managed to read some of the subtitles in the movie.
- Am 3rd in the table in our fantasy football league at school.
- Finally got round installing photoshop on my laptop.

So smiles all round (except when I had my photo took.)

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number one kaaaa.......^^

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