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24 สิงหาคม 2550
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Borrowing a printer...

Asked my friend B if I could borrow his printer ealier. Figured I'd call in a few favours as I need to print a couple of maps out. It's way easier to borrow his little lazer printer than cart myself and my laptop to the internet cafe down the road, and struggle to explain to the guys in there what I need to do.

'Fine' he said, followed by a few grumbles about how heavy it was, and how he didn't want me coming to his room to get it as his room was a mess. I figured that that was a no, and told him not to worry - the map wasn't that important. He walked off.

15 minutes later B returns clutching said printer, dumps it on the table, tells me he's going out to 'argue with a friend' and will pick it up when he comes back. I point out that there's no paper. He said I only asked to borrow the printer... True I guess, though I don't think he would be too happy if I decided to tear a couple of pages out of my notebook and put them through it. I think that he will go back to his room to get the paper. He walks out.

It's now and hour and a bit later, I'm still sat here (paperless) waiting for him to come back home and collect the thing. I could leave it in the lobby. I know no one would want to steal it. But, I feel uncomfortable going back to my room and going to sleep. I kind of feel responsible for it, even though it was lend to me against my wishes...

Really wish he'd hurry up and come back. It's 11.30 at night here now. I've already had too many late nights this week and I have a very early staty tomorrow morning...

I need sleep!!!!!!

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