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Things to feel good about today...

1. My parents finally confirmed their flight
They arrive here at 7am on Wednesday 25th September. Am really looking forward to seeing them again, though I think my dad might be in for a bit of a shock, when he realises that he doesn't have a drinking partner anymore.

2. The Blades won
And they did it in style, a 3-1 victory over Wolves. Last night I checked what I thought was the full time score on We'd won 2-1.
So, it was a nice surprise to wake up this morning, read the match report and look at the league table on the net and realise that we'd got an extra 90th minute goal.

3. I sorted some of my stuff out
Not much, just a couple of books and some photos. Not enough to justify a bike ride but I did do some.... and some had to be better than nothing, doesn't it ?

4. I read a couple more pages of my friend's book
It's hard going, but I'm getting there. Only 15 or so more pages to go :)

5. I'm still top of our Fantasy Football League Table
Thanks to a hard fought Arsenal victory on Saturday, and Fabregas netting me a few points, I'm still top!!! Of both leagues... Though this could all change later, once tonight's game's are over and the weekend's points are totted up. I'm enjoying it whilst it lasts.

6. I've just seen an awesome movie, probably the best film I've seen all year
I went to see a movie, 'The Brave One' with one of the American girls who lives in my building earlier. I saw the trailer last week, and thought that it looked OK-ish. It was much better than that though. It was awesome. I'm still buzzing from it.

It's probably the first, maybe even the only ??? movie I've seen (or will see) all year where the characters have any kind of emotional depth to them. It made a great change from cheesy hollywood comedies, or cliched Thai movies with stereotypical characters and unbelievable plots.

The film stars Jodie Foster as Erica, a sucessful middle aged writer / radio presenter who's life changes when she witnesses her fiance's murder. Once she recovers from a coma, realises that her boyfriend is dead and that she is on her own, she becomes a vigilante.

The cinematography is awesome. The director captures her feelings of fear and paranoia, when she first ventures outside her house, and has to re-discover and get used to the city that she used to love perfectly. It rasises moral questions about the nature of people taking justice into their own hands. Jodie Foster gives a powerful perforamce, and its a compelling movie.

Normally, whenever I see an English movie in a cinema in Bangkok, I try and read the Thai subtitles too. I play a little game with myself, and try to see how many words I can read on each line, before it disappears and gets replaced by the next. But this time, I was so hooked on the story and the images of New York that I didn't read a single word.

If powerful emotional dramas aren't really your thing, there's a fit guy in it too (though its quite strange to hear such a nice looking bloke speak in an almost estuary English accent.) Though, if that's what you're looking for, don't expect too much, as he gets brutally murdered in the first 20 minutes.

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