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Falling in love for 10,000 baht....

OK, its normally the western guys here who shell out to find love - usually paying a couple of thousand baht a time to some bar girl in Nana, but if you really, really wanna fall in love, its sooo easy.

Sod the opposite sex.

Go buy yourself a decent mountain bike.

It was almost a month ago when I brought mine, but so far, I haven't had much free time to ride it. I finally found the time to go out on it this week. At first, just around the sois where I live, and up to Rama 8 and Krungton bridge. Then, yesterday, feeling a bit braver, I went to Non. and, earlier this morning to the market at Talingchan...


I SOOOOOOO wish I'd brought one when I first came here 2 1/2 years ago, instead of listening to other wingeing brits (and my old canadian roommate) who all told me that its waaay too dangerous to ride a pushbike here. OK, some of the junctions and intersections are a bit scarey, and some of the bus drivers are a bit crazy, braking sharply and pulling out in front of you without looking at the road, but its not that bad... I rode for about 3 hours this morning and didn't feel frightened once. I feel more frightened trying to cross the roads where I live (the black and white stripes that are known as 'zebra crossings' at home, seem to be mere decorations here - no one ever slows down or stops when you set foot on them, drivers normally speed up when they see you stranded half way across one...) than biking down them. OK, Jalan SanitWong Road (4 lanes wide with motorbikes, carts, green buses, the really scarey little ones with the crazy drivers that most people I know refuse to get on) isn't the most scenic place in the world to be riding a bike, but its not that bad either...

Some English people I know like to make fun of the way some Thai people drive. Overtaking on either side of the road, rapidly accelerating to over take someone only to pound the brakes seconds later etc. but I think Thai drivers are probably more careful than English ones, as they're more used to motorbikes, rot kaens etc. pulling out in front of them. In around 7 hours of bike riding so far... (touchwood) I've not had one scarey moment. In London, riding around Vauxhall roundabout at rush hour every day used to frighten the pants off me...

The other cool thing about riding a bike here, is (with the exception of crossing Jalan Sanit Wong Road) that its really, really easy to go to places like Non without having to ride on big scary roads. Its great to ride down the small sois. Theres hardly any traffic, and the scenery (of klongs, wooden houses on stilts, temples, coonut treees etc...) is awesome. When you get lost and ask people for directions, they are so friendly and helpful. It's almost like you've left Bangkok and are in some small town somewhere upcountry.

I love it!!!!

Now I just need to work out where to go next!!!!

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umm ...

i see ... and agree with your point of views

โดย: dream2zero วันที่: 5 สิงหาคม 2550 เวลา:18:32:01 น.  


I never ride a bike anywhere in bkk. Too scary for me

I'll be going to Leeds next month. Many new experiences (incl. culture shock) to be posted in my blog for sure!

Nice to visit your blog, Kerrie

โดย: MaRiMeKKo วันที่: 6 สิงหาคม 2550 เวลา:2:55:23 น.  

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