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10 ตุลาคม 2550
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กิน เจ no way....

The Chinese veggie festival starts today. In Thai they say 'gin jae.' Chinese people, or those of Chinese descent normally and eat only vegetarian food for 9 days. Eating veggie food doesn't sound too bad, I normally love eating veggies, but there's special rules about what constitutes 'jae' food. There's no bright colours, and no strong smells or tastes. So anything spicy is out.

The festival's not just about eating veggie food. It's also about purifying your body. Devotees usually where white clothes and abstain from drinking, lying and having sex too.

Last year, one of the places near where I live sold only 'jae' food, so I decided to see if I could survive on it or not. I lasted 2 days. I craved a beer and anything that tasted spicy. I walked past the papaya salad lady. She's from the north east and is proud of it. Her stall reeks of rotting fish, the thing people from Issan normally like to put in their papaya salad. I can eat it OK but I don't usually like to. It stinks. Really stinks. Last year after 2 days of eating nothing but bland green veg, I ordered one. 'You want the fermented fish sauce too' she asked.
'A little bit' I said.
Her idea of a little was my idea of a lot.
I went home, tucked into my BBQed fish, papaya salad and sticky rice. The salad was sweet, salty and spicy in the same go. The plah rah (what people call the rotting fish) gave it the salty edge. I couldn't help but pig out. I ate the lot. I was almost sick but I didn't care. It tasted great. I can still remember the taste.

So, will I try and eat the veggie food this year ? No way!!! In a month's time I'll need to go back to England. I'll have to eat bland flavourless food every single day. Yorkshire pudding and smokey middle bacon aside, it's gonna be hell.

So, why start early. I think I'm going to enjoy eating my Thai food whilst I still can.

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