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.. but Teacher, I wasn't playing....

Kept 2 of my P3 kids in detention lunchtime yersterday. Normally I'd never keep kids that young in detention, but I was in a really bad mood, and, in 1/2 an hour the two of them had done nothing but stare at a piece of paper. They hadn't even managed (despite me asking them several times) to write their first name or the date.

So what had the two of them done wrong to deserve such unfair treatment ? The 1st one 'T' had spent almost the entire lesson singing the King's song (I'm not quite sure whether its the King's of the Queen's - its the new-ish one that always on TV....) to himself. He seemed to be in a trance like state, totally oblivious to being asked to answer questions, and unaware of the other kids laughing at him. It was bizarre. The other guy, his friend 'G' who was sitting next to him, kept giving this guy karate kicks when my back was turned, then feigning innocence when I asked him about it.

Anyway, getting back to the story, these 2 kids are sat in the teachers room at lunchtime, writing out the 4 sentences that were too much trouble for them to do in class. One of the Thai teachers came in, and asked me what they had done wrong. I explained that 'T' was too busy singing the Kings song to do his work.

'G' is a great little kid but can't read very well. He really struggles in class and is always in trouble with the Thai teachers. Not wanting to make things any worse for him, I told the Thai teacher that he was 'playing in class.'

'But teacher, I wasn't playing...' he said.
Then standing up, in a Muay Thai pose, as if to demonstrate exactly what he did in my class, he said 'I was fighting....'

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