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2 Things worse than not being able to speak good Thai...

As far as learning Thai goes, the only 2 things that are worse than not being able to speak good Thai when you need to are:-

* Not being able to understand someone when you know that they are talking to, or about you.

* Not being able to understand what someone has written about you (when you are dying to know...)

It looks like I now have my first Thai critic. Read their blog entry here.

Now I really, really wish that I could read Thai well enough to understand what they are saying. I know its something about being devoid of inspiration... but exactly what ???? If only I knew...

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What I wrote are about the comparison between your blog publishing and mine .
The frequently of yours encourage me to do more .
Then saying about my former story written in blog and my behaviour.

I'm quite sure that my explanation is not able to fullfill 100% of what you need to know.

So ,..what should I do ??? ^_^

โดย: รายารีย์ วันที่: 7 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:1:48:40 น.  

Hey - I wasn't complaining about you or what you wrote.... I appreciate what you've written in my blog. A couple of your comments really cheered me up.

.. more commenting on how frustrating it is to wish that you knew something, when you don't...

and erm... I'm not that studious... at all

I spent a year and a bit hardly writing anything (after promising my friends at my old work that I would try and write a blog to practise my Thai...)

The only reason I'm writing stuff now is that:-
* friends in England have complained that I never e-mail them anymore. Blogging's easier that trying to think about what to put in an e-mail. You can waffle on about anything you think of, go off on tangents... whatever you feel like really..... If you started talking about random stuff in the middle of an e-mail, the recpient would think its a bit wierd.

*I did nothing much this weekend. It was my friend B's 'last ever' (there were a lot of 'last evers...' more on that later...) weekend in BKK and I'd already made a dumb promise that I would hang out with him... What did he want to do on his last ever weekend in BKK ??? erm.. nothing much really... leaving me with a laptop, net connection, lots of iced coffee and verbal diarreoah... I guess it had to come spewing out somewhere...

* I'm trying to find things to do to keep me away from the pub (more of that later too... if I can be bothered to write something...) Writing stuff's one of the few things I've found to do that stops me thinking about going out / drinking beer...

* I've got a lof of stuff to think about at the moment... I'm 33 now (am getting old and all that kind of stuff...) and will have been in Thailand for 3 years next month. I've done various things since I've been here, travelled, worked in an office, worked in a school. Travelling's good fun but you can't do that forever. I was never any good at my job when I worked in the office, and I'm not that great a teacher either. OK I can teach OK. I'm nowhere near the worst teacher in my school but, I'm not that great at it, and I'm not sure that its something I would want to do forever. At some point I need to make some kind of decision about where I want to be in the future, and what I'm going to do. Stay here ? Go back home (to England) ? Go some place new ? Sometimes it's easier to think aloud... and spew it all out on paper, or in a blog than to repeat the same stories and rhetorical questions over and over...

So yeah. most of the time I'm pretty lazy and devoid of inspiration too. Look at the blog before May if you don't believe me... There's hardly anything in there - just random stuff...

This month's the exception rather than the rule...I'm sure that, come oork pensah I'm suer I'll go back to have a couple of leos or singhas for company at night, rather than a laptop or a net cononection.

Would love to write loads more about this but, teaching in a few minutes.... soz... K

โดย: kerrie วันที่: 7 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:8:01:37 น.  

Don't worry . I didn't feel like you complaining .

Still waiting to read your story . And give some comment if I have some point of view . :-)

โดย: รายารีย์ วันที่: 7 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:15:32:55 น.  

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