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Thai men are sh*t part 2354378943543

Picture the scene. It's mid December. You're happily working away in Naan. Naan's a great place. It's nice and quiet but, should you need to head back to BKK, its not too isolated. It's only an overnight bus ride away.

You check your mail. A friend of a friend from 2 years ago mentions that an old friend of yours is going to be in Bangkok. You'ld love to see him. You lived in the same building together, and during the last couple of months that they were staying in BKK you became really good friends. You often ate together. They were the person that you complained about work to, the person that you sat chatting to at 2am when you couldn't sleep. They were one of the people that you genuinely missed when they moved out, and caught the plane home.

Your friend flies over to Thailand. He arrives in BKK, goes to your old apartment block and contacts one of your friends, a Thai guy who's one of the few people who he knows that's still living there.

I'm friends with the Thai guy. He speaks pretty good English. I used to help him write and edit his college assignments, and used to end up sorting his crappy internet connection out of him. So, the guy has no reason to behave like an a***hole towards me...

So... what does he tell my Canadian friend, a guy who's just spent around 18 hours on planes and is kind of hoping that I'm around to say hello.

1. He smiles.
2. (LIE NO 1...) He says that he doesn't know where I am.
3. (LIE NO 2...) He says that doesn't have my number
4. (LIE NO ...) He says that he can't contact me at all. I'm either in the north or in England. He doesn't know.

The Thai guy did this weeks ago. I only found out the day before yesterday.

I am still mad!!!

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