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Days off and being ill....

In Thailand days off and being ill seem to go together...

I have a day off school today. It's the owner's birthday (or something like that.) I should feel deliriously happy that I didn't have to wake up at 6.30 this morning, work out what on earth to do with my hair and make it in to school on time.

I don't. I feel ill. I'm sure its nothing serious. Just a bit of a cough and flu - the kind you get around this time of year back home. But, somedays it feels like everytime I get a day off school, I'm ill. Last night I was fine. A little bit tired maybe, but otherwise OK. Now I have a temperature, a sore throat and a very chesty cough.

If I had to work I would have gone to school, and the day would have probably gone OK. Now I have the time off, and nothing to do, it's almost as if my body knows it has the freedom to be as exhausted as it wants to be, and, boy is it enjoying it... I feel lousy...

Somedays I'm convinced there's a cold fairy living in my bedroom. It doesn't hear my alarm clock, sees that I'm still in bed at 8am and thinks, "right... time to have some fun..."

School tomorrow. I really hope I feel better then. It's the last day of teaching this term, and I don't want to end up passing this onto anyone.

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I wish you are recovered today.

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