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The night before last someone showed me how to add links to bloggang. I originally added one (my friend A's long since abandoned photo site...) when I first started writing this blog. But, since Bloggang's all in Thai (and I don't read Thai very well) I couldn't quite work out how to add any others so I never bothered to...

Both of the links I've added are for blogs written in Thai. I've no idea whether they are any good or not as I can't read them.

1st one is an artist I met in Phuket. He had a shop near the resort where my parents stayed and, despite having a gammy hand, painted fantastic pictures. He told me that he writes poetry too, I wish I could read it...

2nd one is someone who reads this one and occasionally writes comments. I should read it. Unlike my waffley rants about life, the universe and everything, their entries are normally pretty short and concise. Following this blog would be a good way to force myself to practise reading Thai. But, I'm lazy and impatient. I don't. But the link's there, should you want to...

If there's anyone else out there who follows my blog and who wants me to give their own blog a plug, let me know. If I can read it or even if it sounds, looks or just seems good I'll add it to the list.

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