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กันยายน 2550
8 กันยายน 2550
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Yet another lazy day...

Things I wanted to do today...
- tidy my room
- finish my Thai homework
- e-mail my parents and ask them their flight number
- blog about a guy who got sacked yesterday...
- blog about the movie I saw on Thursday
- read a bit of my friends book (hard as its all in Thai)

Things I've done today
- drank iced coffee
- logged into MSN
- chatted to my friend T
- ate breakfast
- drank more iced coffee
- logged into bloggang
- drank more iced coffee
- played freecell
- went to look at the river
- came back
- logged into Facebook
- blogged about how crap AF is
- blogged about working in Chokchai
- opened my Thai book
- closed it again
- drank more coffee...
- e-mailed a friend
- blogged some more
- watched 7 hours (so far...) of the AF channel..

Just looked outside and noticed that it's dark already. The days over. So, what have I accomplished ? FA... I haven't done one single thing that I meant to today, and, if I so much as go near another iced coffee I will probably start shaking.

If only I could be as determined to get my real work done as I am to waffle on inanely in this blog...

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