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Happy Friday :)

My kids told me that its a 'Happy Friday' at school today. A chance for the boarders to go home for a long weekend and see their parents.

It's a 'Happy Friday' for me too. So far, its been a nice easy day of teaching (helping my P6 class write stories about superheroes) and it should be a nice quiet relaxing weekend. As long as it doesn't chuck it down with rain tomorrow, I plan to go out on my bike. Not totally sure where yet, or how far I'll get but I'm thinking of heading out towards Nakorn Pathom. Maybe Salaya or Putthamonton. One of my kids once told me that there's a specially built mountain bike trail in Putthamonton. I'd really like to go there and try it out one day.

On Sunday Mo comes. I want to try and meet her at Suwannabhumi airport. I've never been there before, but have read loads of horror stories about how bad the journey is compared to going to Don Meuang.

My bad mood seems to have lifted a bit. Last night I went to eat food with my friend B and a couple of the new exchange students from Thamamrsaat tagged along too. We went to the usual, greasy, 'fry anything you point at and stick it on a plate on the top of some rice' place. B and I call it 'raan gin gun die' which means the place you only eat at when you really have to, when the only options are to eat there, or starve to death.

We had no idea what to order. Normally we just get a plate of greasy veggies with chilli, some meat and rice. But, there were 5 of us. It made sense to do the traditional Thai thing and order a range of dishes to share. We got shellfish, an omlette, 2 plates of veggies, and a tom yam soup. The food was OK. Same, same, as they say here. Neither good nor bad. But, it was really funny watching the newbies being so enthusiastic about it. They were raving about how good it tasted, and seemed to really enjoy sitting on broken plastic stools, and being crammed together around a tiny, and very wobbly metal table on the street corner.

They also told me what they'd been up to, their first days at uni and about their travels in and around Bangkok so far. One managed to find the closest thing they've seen here to an America trailer park somewhere down Jalan Sanit Wong Road. The same girl also went to the forensic museum in Siriraj (I still haven't managed to find time to go there) and went into detail about all the body parts and baby corpses that you can see there. It sounded really interesting. They talked about walking around the streets near Siriraj hosiptal, and the things they saw. To them everything new is amazing, strange or just downright wierd. It's so funny, but also very cool to hear. I got a great buzz just from listening to them. But, at the same time felt a bit envious. I wish I still felt like that about things here nowadays.

Nowadays, most things here seem normal. It will be wierd going home and suddenly seeing streets with wide pavements, rather than markets, food stalls. poeple selling T-Shirts, sunglasses, hairstuff, plastic mobile phone covers, basically anything any everything that they can. Streets back in England will seem so lifeless and empty in comparison. Few motocycles and no rot kaens, or tuk tuks.

Last year a couple of friends came over from England. They had no feelings of wonderlust about Thailand. To them Bangkok was filthy, overcrowded and way too polluted and noisy for their liking. They stayed near the Klong San Saeb, so they also complained about its foul smell. They really couldn't understand why on earth I chose to live here.

Some days I wonder why I'm still here too. But listening to the people last night enthuse about the strange things they've seen here so far, reminded me of how I felt, and behaved when I was first here 3 or so years ago. How I buzzed off everything I saw, heard, tasted and experienced, and spent most days walking round grinning like a Cheshire cat. At the time Bangkok, and Thiland generally seemed a fantastic place. It's still awesome. It's just that sometimes, normally when I get dumped on, lied to, ignored, or shafted by my so called 'friends' I find it hard to see it that way...

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