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So... What do you think of my blog?

There's a guy where I live. When I mention him to friends I call him 'Mr No Opinion' They all know who I mean. He's about my age. He's a smart guy who speaks good English and is studying for his doctrate in social science.

In England, a social science doctrate is all about creating and expressing an arguement. In other words, giving your opinion about something. Whenever I've tried asking this guy what he thinks about anything, it's as if I'm talking to a big fluffy cloud in the sky. It looks bright but, there's nothing inside, just emptiness and the occasional bit of water vapour.

For example, in February last year there were loads of protests against the Taksin government. I asked him what he thought about them. For a politics student he was amazingly vapid. 'I don't know' he said. ;What about last years coup?' I asked around the time of the first year anniversary. 'I think it's bad.' he said. 'Why?' I asked. 'Because, not good for government' he said. I wondered if he would try and clarify his answer, give some sort of reason why he thought this way. He didn't.

At one time it became almost a challenge to try and get an opinion out of him. One day, before B went back to France he caught the 2 of us sat in the lobby watching 'trainspotting,' a film I love, the soundtrack to my early 20's. He sat down with us and watched it too. When it ended, I couldn't resist the chance to ask him what he thought about the movie.

'Drugs are bad' was as much as the 2 of us could get out of him. 'What about the characters?' I asked. 'The storyline?.' 'I don't know' he said.

I've been hanging around the lobby all day today, surfing the net and playing around on MSN. So has he. I sent him a couple of links from my blog that I thought he might be interested in reading. Police corruption and the 'business' of volunteer teaching.' I asked him what he thought of them, and of my writing..

Finally, at last, an opinion about something... I couldn't contain my excitement.

'long,' he said. 'Very long.'

I take his point...

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well, I dont know.
I have absolutely no opinion about this man..

kidding :P
well these people do really irritate you..
or even to me me even I've only read about him.. well keep trying with some other tricks ;)
but you know being with a no-opinion man can be a good thing. well, just give me sometimes to think about it :P

โดย: Kaptan IP: วันที่: 21 ตุลาคม 2550 เวลา:0:30:01 น.  

After a while it becomes more amusing than irritating... it's almost like a game... "see if you can weedle anything even vaguely like an original thought or, if you're really lucky maybe even an opinion, out of Mr N.O."

But yeah, I guess my blog is long... much longer than I ever thought that it would turn out to be.

That should all change soon though...

Next week is oork pensah (the end of Buddhist Lent.) So, from next weekend I'll be back on the beer. I already know that, once my little feet find their way into a pub again, the verbal diarreoah and spewed out rants should stop, or at least become a bit more organised and concise...

โดย: kerrie วันที่: 21 ตุลาคม 2550 เวลา:0:48:41 น.  

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