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มีนาคม 2551
23 มีนาคม 2551
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Long time... no speak....

Made even longer by an 11 day silent meditation retreat in Wat Suan Mork.. Details and a couple of piccies here...

But, now back in the world of the living (rather than the mindfully silent zombie filled one...) and, after changing my travels plans at least 5 times, am now back in Naan. Big dilemma at the moment is whether to stay here or not. Literally... Not just Thailand but Naan. I got offered a teaching job at what's probably the best government school in the whole province. The big decision now is whether to take it or not and, if I do, how on earth to pass the news onto my parents...

It's Easter Sunday today. If it wasn't for a friend's out of office message I would have no idea that its today. Thai people celebrate loads of English holidays (Christmas, Velentines Day, Halloween) but for some reason (which is a bit odd given their taste for chocolate and all things sweet...), give Easter a miss.

No other news really. Naan's been fun. The kids at school were really happy to see me again, and had a couple of fun but exhausting days trying to get my bike up a couple of nearby mountains. Going up's no fun but coming back down... Doing around 30km (I'm not into gadgets but I sooo wish that I had a speedometer on my bike now) on the long, steep and very bendy roads that wind their way back to the bottom is something else... Back to BKK on Tuesday but I can't wait to come back here, for another go...

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