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Pele was at Brammal Lane last night

Pele, 70 something Brazilian football legend was at Brammall Lane last night. Sheffield Club, the oldest football club in the city, probably one of the oldest official 'league' clubs in the world had organised some kind of anniversary benefit. Jack, my next door neighbour took his grandkid to the match. It was Brandon's first ever game and went around beforehand shouting 'Up the Blades..' (wrong team but, never mind...)

so, where was I on this historical occasion ? Sat in an Indian restraunt in Meadowhead so that I could 'meet' Julian, my little sisters new bf. I'm not entirely sure why we had to go to the Indian. I could just have easily have walked up hte road, gone to her house and sat and chatted for an hour or so, but my dad had arranged it all... And a nice meal in a nice restraunt's something I'm supposed to be excited about.

The meal was OK I guess. I just wasn't hungry. In Bangkok time it would be like eating a full on 3 course lunch at 2am in the morning... not my idea of fun... And it wasn't cheap, so, to order something and sit staring at it, wouldn't have been fair on my dad or polite either.

Before I went to Thailand I would have thought that the food was great. A big rich creamy curry with a twinge of chilli. But, last night, it tasted like I was eating liquid cream. Every mounthful made me feel sick.

Thankfully, the meal was over pretty quickly. it was Thursday night. My dad was planning to go to the quiz with his mates. He had to be back home by 8.30, and once we'd finished eating didn't want to hang around for coffee and mints.

I don't think anyone really enjoyed the food. We went there as my dad had some cheap vouchers from work... buy one meal, get one free.

The night before, I'd been to the supermarket with my parents, and picked out some peppers, mushrooms, veg and a packet of rice. I'd kind of planned on cooking for myself (as I can't eat the stodge my mum calls 'food' anymore...) and was quite looking forward to it. I haven't cooked for months. Maybe the thought of me cooking rewoke mum and dad's fears that I will either burn the house down or make it smell of chilli and ginger for the next week... That was probably enough to make them splash out on a meal.

So what about my sister's new man ? He seems OK. A total opposite from Mark, her ex. I was quite surprised.

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