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1 more hour in Phuket...

Only 1 more hour to go before I get the bus back to Bangkok.

I'm not sure I'll be in a rush to come back to Phuket. It's OK I guess, if you can avoid Patong beach and try and find somewhere quiet and secluded. I say 'try' as it's not easy. The few empty beaches around Cape Pangwa (where my parents stayed) are almost certainly destined to be hi-so resorts with their own private beaches. The place is teeming with Burmese and Laos (but mostly Burmese) construction workers, knocking down the coconut trees and putting the concrete in place as I write. The island's well on its way to becoming an upper crust Majorca.

Krabi is quieter and more scenic. Satun (Koh Lipe, Koh Taratau) sounds cool too. If I come back down south, when I go backpacking in 2 months time, I'll probably head there instead.

But, there are still 4 things I'd like to see / do around here...

See Khao Sok National Park
(OK, not exactly in Phuket but its quite near...)
Caught a quick glimpse of it on the bus ride over here. The scenery, tall moutains and limestone cliffs shrouded in early morning mist was stunning.

Go Kayaking in the Hongs.
A friend did this 4 or 5 years ago and said it was a 'must do' on any trip here. Didn't have time this time as I was with my parents, and my dad had already booked a boat tour, but it does sound fun.

Wander around the floating village in Pang Nga Bay.
My parents and I went on a boat tour yesterday, and we stopped for lunch at a fishing village in Pang Nga bay. It wasn't just any old fishing village. All the houses were built in the sea, on long stilts. Huge limestone cliffs towered behind it, and mangrove forest lay opposite. We had an hour for lunch. 45 minutes later, after waiting for the guide to fill our table (it seemed rude to start to eat before) we were done. It was time to get up and take a look around.

Most people didn't seem to want to. They walked up to the souvenier stalls, saw the rotting wooden floorboards, and the impoverished houses and turned back to the boat. But for me, 15 minutes wasn't long enough. I'd spotted a school, a mosque and a row of fishing boats from the boat. I wanted to find them. I followed the concrete and wooden walkways through the slum. Every house was a market stall. It was like being in Yarowat (Chinatown) in Bangkok. Narrow, crowded, smelly, intoxicating. I said hello to a few people. I took a few photos. I'd barely made it though 1 row of houses, and turned a corner and it was already time to go back. I tried to hurry but it was impossible. Everyone said hello to me. It was hard not to talk back. I was the last person on the boat. The guide was about to come loking for me. My parents weren't impressed. Rather than rushing around on a tour, I'd love to take a boat ride there, and have enough time to wander through the steets and see what it's really like.

(If I ever get enough money...) Buy a painting from the guy who lives on the hill by Cape Pangwa
They're awesome

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