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7 กันยายน 2550
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I think one of my kids saw me last night...

... as I went into class this morning to hear 'Teacher, Teacher.. You have Laos boyfriend' 'I see you with Laos boyfriend at Major...'

It's not true, by the way... I don't have a bf. I went to see the movie with a friend. But, whenever any of the kids from school happen to see you in the street after school, the rumour mill soon starts....

It happened on Monday morning as well. I went to see a movie last Saturday evening too. On Monday one of my kids said 'Teacher. I know you have friend with pink hair...' 'I see you with friend with pink hair...' 'You go to Major on Saturday...' It's true. One of the American girls that I went to see the movie with does have pink hair... and when I say pink, its very, very pink. Bright pink. I guess at home it's not that much of a talking point, but, its probably not that familiar a sight here... The kids seemed very excited about it.

But.... getting back to the original story...
Not sure what my friend A, the guy who I went to see the movie with last night would think was most insulting...
- being called my bf ( no way!!! - we're just friends) or...
- being told that he's from Laos.

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