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Only 6 days to go...

Lots happening in Thailand at the moment. The new constitution's been accepted depite opposition from people in the north and the north east. The anti-coup protesters have finally admitted defeat. Taksin's lauding over City beating ManU.

But the really important news...

Only 6 days till my friend Mo gets here!!!! She's got a 1 night stop over on the way to her new job in Oman. Will be so good to see her again. It's been over 2 years since we last saw each other.

I went to teach my English class today, only to find out that it's being cancelled. There's only 4 students now (as one has had to go up country to look after a poorly relative) so today was the last class. It will be nice to get my Monday night's back, but I'm really going to miss my students. They're a good laugh. They're all very friendly and eager to learn, and most of all, they all enjoy trying to speak English.

I was asked whether I would be able to teach a new class of students on a Wednesday night instead. Am really, really hoping that my school lets me, as I will need to sneak out of school 1/2 an hour early every Wednesday afternoon to stand a chance of being there on time. It's a beginner's class and there's 13 students. It should be fun learning about who they are, where they are from etc.

I took a taxi to Ploenchit today and asked the taxi driver whether he voted or not. He didn't, as he's registered in Roi Et, in the north east and couldn't afford to take 2 days off work to go there, vote and come back. He said if he had voted, it would have been a definite NO!!!

Taksin helped poor people like his family, he said. He lent them money when banks refused to. Their money helped the economy prosper. People in Bangkok and in the south, with money, resented that. He pointed out that a lot of people from Issan didn't vote. They couldn't, as they were working in Bangkok and either couldn't get time off work, or enough money together to head home for such a short time. It made me wonder whether the opposition in the 'north' and 'north east' is really much greater than has been reported.

I like talking to Taxi drivers. It gives me a chance to inflict my bad Thai on someone other than my friends or the people who sell me coffee, food and bus tickets everyday. Plus, when they're not scared of talking to farangs, they usually say something interesting or surprising. They also enjoy arguing back if I dare to say that I don't agree with their opinions.

The driver asked me the usual questions. my name,what I did here, how long I'd been here etc. The driver said he was the same age as me (33) so I asked him whether he had a family yet. He told me that he had a wife, and a kid, back in Roi Et province. They stay at home becuase they can't afford to raise the child in BKK.

I asked him whether he missed them, and he said yes, he missed them a lot. I told him I felt sorry for him. His response, 'don't be. I have money and a good job. I save my money and go home to see them once a month. You should really feel sorry for the people who work here in bad jobs, with long hours, and can only afford to go home to see their kids once or twice a year.'

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