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14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551
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Valentine's Day :(

Today's Valentines Day.

In Thailand Valentine's Day's all about showing your love for everybody, family and friends as well as boyfriends and girlfriends. It's not just for hopeless romantics like at home.

At school today the teacher doing the morning assembly lectured the kids about how Valentine's Day was about more than runing off to a cheap hotel to have sex with your girlfriend. I'm not sure the kids in P1 even know what sex is, but, I guess they do now. Thanks to the teacher, they probably think that it's something really, really bad that can only ever be done by teenage kids in the sleezier hotels in the town.

On Tuesdays I normally teach a couple of kids in the nearby town for an hour or so after school. It's a favour. As their mother is friends with my friend's mum, it would be really hard to say no to them. It wasn't something I was looking forward to doing at first, but now, I really, really enjoy it. It's great to teach bright kids, who love to speak and are really interested in learning. I say that I teach them but I don't really 'teach them anything. We normally just sit around for a bit playing games in English.

It's going to be really. really hard to say 'goodbye' to them next week. This Tuesday I was in Sakorn (piccies here...) so I taught them yesterday afternoon instead.

As soon as they saw me they all said 'Happy Valentine's Day...' and gave me a plastic rose. I got another today, from one of the teachers at a nearby school and a real one, yesterday evening. A pale pink rose, hacked off its stalk by one of my p6 kids who just happened to see me walk by...

It's strange... I've had more flowers this Valentine's Day than I have ever had at home. Whenever I've been in a relationship, my boyfriends have always known that I'm not the 'flower' type. Valentine's Days are normally spent chilling out at home, with a decent movie, good food and a bottle of wine or 3.

For me, Valentine's Day's not about flowers, cards, choccies or any of that. It's about being with someone you care about or, better than that, someone that you really love.

I love living in Thailand. I love the lifestyle here. I really love the life I'm leading at the moment, to the point where I tell almost everyone and anyone that I meet that I really don't want to go back home at the end of April.

But... much as I love being here, I think you need more than a cool lifestyle and and the opportunity to travel to feel really, really happy somewhere. You also need people you care about, and who care about you. Sure, I have great friends here but, the longer I'm here the more I realise that it's not enough. Pathetic, or vomit inducing as it may sound, you also need someone you love (and who loves you...) too.

And, the longer I'm here and still single, the more I know that the chances of finding someone that makes me feel that way here are pretty slim.

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Do you think there's no one that you can love and loves you out there in Thailand then?
Just the thought.....

Happy Valentine's Day anyhow.

โดย: Ta (ta/'o-o/' ) วันที่: 14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:23:47:35 น.  

NO!!! I don't think that at all... I still like to believe that there is someone here... and that its just taking me a long time to find them...

... but I kind of realise that the chances of meeting someone who makes me feel like that are pretty slim. Plus, I'm only here for another 2 months or so.

If you're over 30 its hard to find a Thai guy (who speaks 1/2 decent English and is OK about dating foreigners) who isn't...
- already married
- already married with kids and an ex (or maybe even a current) wife stashed away upcountry
- a habitual liar
- a total pisshead...

Maybe in the 2 and a bit years that I've been here (and single) I've just ended up meeting the crappier ones...

Plus, compared to a lot of the Thai girls that I meet (slim, stunningly beautiful, normally interested in make up, looking good and fairly superficial things...) I'm not something that would appeal to most Thai guys.

I'm big, not afraid to say what I think and very, very independent. I can't cook, am not really into 'taking care' of people, don't really see the point in calling people just to ask 'have you eaten yet' , ' have you taken a shower yet', ' are you asleep? (I still dunno why people ask this question if you pick up the phone, the answers obvious NO!!! I'm not... but I didn't particularly want to be called just to hear someone ask that...)

so yeah, maybe I will meet someone, but I'm not pinning my hopes on it.

Now, I think like this... "smile, travel, have fun and whatever happens, try to make the most of it."

โดย: Kerrie IP: วันที่: 15 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:9:07:21 น.  


โดย: ตาพรานบุญ วันที่: 15 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:11:24:38 น.  

I wish you all the best, and I meant it.
Just that I saw you love Thailand so much and you are having to leave...against your will!

Life is about making choices and be happy.

There's a place I heard in Kanjanaburi what used to be a big mine and now a 'B&B' type place run by a nice lady called Aunt Gladys if my memory served me right. Her late husband(Thai) ran or managed the mine with a lot of people under his supervision. He passed away and she didn't want to leave the mine and all the people so she started this B&B thingy.

I don't know why I suddenly thought of the place after I read your post today. May be you should pay a visit to Aunt Gladys, stay a few days having nice cuppas with glorious cakes (I heard).

Don't know why either I have not been there myself but I thought you're going to like it.

Let me know if you want more info about the place and I'll ask some friends.

โดย: Ta (ta/'o-o/' ) วันที่: 15 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:17:03:27 น.  

That sounds cool.. not sure I'll have time to go there but cake and a nice cuppa is always good...

โดย: Kerrie (kerrie ) วันที่: 27 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:7:23:46 น.  

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