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พฤศจิกายน 2550
4 พฤศจิกายน 2550
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Packing nightmare...

Currently trying (well not currently, am currently trying to avoid doing it...) to fit over 60 kgs worth of stuff into a small red suitcase, and, somehow or other be underneath the 20kgs baggage limit.

What to leave out...
- loads of books (the very things I want to keep)
- my bike :( Not fair, as I'd love to take my bike home with me... to the point where, last month I was thinking of paying for a ticket for a friend, just so I could get it home... But it will cost almost as much as its worth to take it as excess baggage.
- Vodka and Sangsom Have a couple of bottles sitting in my fridge that will be staying there for now.
- Fishermans pants, shades and sandals It will be waaaay too cold to wear any of these.
- My English Teaching books... Will probably have an office job when I go back... No more classes of giggling 10 year olds to teach :(
- Kettle, iron, plates, forks, spoons, knives (yep - I was naive enough to buy knives and forks (instead of forks and spoons) when I first came here) and all my householdey stuff... This will have to be 'donated to' (aka. dumped on) my friends
- My collection of OST and Trip magazines Will just make me hanker for the Thai countryside. In freezing cold England, thats not a good thing...

What to take...-
- souveneirs (silk scarves from upcountry, my 'monk' bag, my wooden buffalo, my cheesy wooden frog - almost everyone who's ever been to Thailand must have got co-erced by some hilltriber person into buying one of these at some point... )
- -DVDs and CD's (though not too many...)
- clothes, preferably thick, warm winter ones (though I don;t have many of these and, so far have not got as far as adding clothes to my already full suitcase yet.)
- Piccies... Still have some, from before I started to use my digital camera.
- Tiger Balm... Magical cure all thats vvvvvv expensive at home....
- Couple of Thai Books (A Thai translation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a book of travel photos are top favourites at the moment) just so I don't forget how to read the few words that I can manage.

Guess I should get back to it :(
Only 40 more kilos of stuff to dump...
Wish me luck...

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