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กันยายน 2550
14 กันยายน 2550
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You know sometimes you do something...
It's only after you've done it that things click...
You sudenly realise that you shouldn't have thought, or shouldn't have done things the way that you did...
You suddenly realise what an idiot you've been.
you feel stupid... very stupid... very very stupid...

Thats how I feel at the minute...
Close to tears and unbelieveably f**king stupid...

Create Date : 14 กันยายน 2550
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Not only you .
I always feel stupid for what I have done .
But I found that , the best way to do is let it happen .
don't worry about that , otherwise we have to worry many things we did .
Just keep our mind blank and ready for the next ...

โดย: รายารีย์ วันที่: 15 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:10:08:54 น.  

mmm... I think the best way is to stop it happening in the first place, but my problem is how!!!

I seem to walk away from one bit of stupidity, determined not to behave like that again, and straight into the next...

And the most annoying thing is that I do it all the time...

โดย: kerrie วันที่: 15 กันยายน 2550 เวลา:17:00:44 น.  

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