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Northern speak...

Last night, someone pointed out to me that, when I go up north next week, I'm gonna have to learn a whole new language... Which kind of reminded me that, we speak our own language up in the north too... Unfortunately, like many local English dialects it's dying out. As older, 'working class' people die off, as people move away, as teens invent their own cool phrases and sayings and as people want to 'talk proper' (as we say up north) and sound well educated and middle class, the old colloquial way of talking between friends and family is becoming less and less common.

I used to have a really strong northern accent when I was a kid. Everyone where I lived did. It was normal. But a year of being teased for sounding 'common' in my first year at Uni, a Swedish flatmate who looked totally confused whenever I came out with an 'alreight... what's tha' bin'up to' and foreign class teachers and teaching assistants who could barely understand me when I tried my best to speak 'proper' RP English, let alone my usual kind, slowly weeded it out of me.

The accents still there somewhere. Though whenever I go home nowadays and slip back into it, friends make fun of me for sounding fake. 'Just dun't sound reight...' They say. 'You're pu'rrin 'it on...'

Wanna know what it sounds like ? It's very broad, with lots of flat vowel sounds. People slur words, stringing phrases together into one long sprawling sentence. And its fast. Very, Very fast.

Click here to read, and, once you've tried to read it, hear some.

By the way, I'm not from Barnsley, I'm from Sheffield, a couple of miles down the road,... but the accent's almost the same...

Facebook's got loads of groups where people talk about, and in, their local language. Someone's even posted a dictionary of Sheffield speak on there. If you want to try and understand it, try saying the first part outloud. You'll probably pronounce it right straight away...

Summatsupeer - There is something strange about this
Gerritetten - Eat up all your food
Gerartnit - Kindly leave / you're joking, aren't you ???
'Samarrerweeim - Is something worrying him
Azeegeniter - Has he given it to her?
Iampgorrit - I do not have it
Geeit Mester - Give it to the gentleman
Eezgooinooam - He is going home
Asthagorritreight - Have you got it right?
Isthemumin - Is your mother at home?
Astagorritwithy - Do you have it with you?
Purremineer - Put them in here
Ayampteeardnowt - I have not heard anything
Thalaftergerranewun - You will have to get a new one
Shuthigob - Be quiet
Owzeenoe - How does he know?
Geeoreroarin’ – Stop crying
Geeitagoodfettlin – Give it a good clean
Thasagoodun – You are very kind
Amgoinaht – I am going out
Itsoretheer – It’s over there
Geeorewittlin – Stop worrying
Aberritinterze - I will bet you that she doesn’t own it
Itduntmarrer - It is of no consequence
Eesezeeantadit - He says he has not had it
Weerzgaffer - Has the boss gone home early again ?
Eenoze nowt abartit - He does not know anything about the matter
Lerrer gerrontbus - Kindly make way for the lady to board the bus
Astaseenimont telly? - Have you seen him on tv
Eezgorriz atooam - He has his at home
Lerrus gurrapikchers - Would you like to go to the cinema
Eesezitintiz burraaberrritiz - He says he does not own it but I would bet you that it's his.
Lerrus gerrus andsweshed - Shall we wash our hands
Sumonemz gorragerroff - Some of them must get off
Nardendee wotdardooin - Hello there, are you busy?
Corferus arpastate intmornin - Would you be kind enough to call me at
Eedurnt purris eead undert watter - He is frightened to immerse his head under the water
Ateldhim burreewunt lissen - I told him but he would not listen
Lerrim purrizaton - Let him wear his hat
Astle clowt thi iftha dunt geeoar - I shall hit you if you don’t stop it
Gerrarry tergithee andweeit - Ask Harry if he will help you
Thakkan if tha wants - You may if you wish to
Eez nobbutta babbi - He's nothing but a baby (he's a wimp.. or he can't take a joke...)
Cantha kumter arrowse tunneet? - Can you come around to my house this evening?

And finally....
Tarra sithi - Goodbye, will be seeing you...

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