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22 สิงหาคม 2550
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Only in a Thai school...

It's lunchtime. The kids are playing outside. A couple of the teachers have gone to the restraunt on the corner of the street to get some food. 3 of us are sat in the teachers room, checking mail, preparing lessons and doing general admin work.

Our Thai teaching assistant bursts in, accompanied by a youngish prathom kid. Maybe year 1, year 2 at most. You know Samui ? she asks my friend. You know sa-ton. I'm puzzled - Satun ? I say, thinking she means the place near Trang. No 'sa-tone' she says. Sa-tone Sa-mui.

It clicks. Stones on Samui. I know the one. I think everyone knows the one. 'Grandfather's rock' my colleague suggests. 'Yes' ,'Yes' she says. 'He want to see. He no believe.'

The other teacher brings up google and does a quick search. The Thai teacher says something in Thai to the kid. Suddenly he giggles and starts shouting 'coo-wai yai (big dick) coo-wai yai.'

'He wants to see' she says. We're not quite sure who wants to see the picture the most. The kid, or our Thai assistant.

My colleague duly opens the page. 'Grandfather rock' he says. The kid looks dumbstruck. The Thai teacher's smiling.

Only in Thailand...

Imagine the trouble you'ld be in at home if you were a teacher and spent your lunch hour showing a stone penis to a 7 year old.

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