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My Thai... Is it really improving...

I went to see a Thai movie on Saturday evening.

About 20 minutes into the story, there was a bit I couldn't understand at all. Easy, I thought to myself. Just read the subtitles...

Then it suddenly occured to me that I'd managed to listen to the first 20 or so minutes of the movie without needing to read any subtitles at all. I'd just sat there, stared at the screen and listened to what the guys were saying. It was almost as if I'd been watching an English movie. And, even better, as far as I could tell I'd understood almost every word.

So, maybe this is a sign that my Thai is getting better... I felt quite proud of myself. Normally, when I try to watch and listen to Thai TV my ears give up after around 10 minutes. It's really hard for me to concentrate on the story. So, 20 minutes is a new record.

Then again, maybe not. I thought back to the opening sequence of the film. It's a bit like when you're in the cine 360 tent at Alton Towers... There's a car chase, gansters chasing each other in, on and around a train carriage and some gunshots. There weren't that many actual words.

Out of the words were spoken, the majority seemed to be 'Shit','son of a bitch' and 'short arse'

So I can now know that I can understand 20 minutes of swearing in Thai. Is this a sign that my Thai is getting better ??? or worse ???

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